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Monday, March 08, 2004
The Da Vinci Code 

I just started reading this book and already, only 20 pages into it, I can say that it has given me great pleasure...laughing out loud at the incredibly bad writing! What a bunch of overblown melodrama. Some of the dialogue is so bad, I just have to make annotations on the ebook version I am reading:

"The prospect of death is strong motivation."
"So, my pupil, tell me what I must know."
(Sounds like something out of an Austin Powers movie.)

"Inside a house of the Lord," the Teacher exclaimed. "How they mock us!"
"As they have for centuries."
(I think I heard better dialogue on "The Highlander" televsion show.)

"Interpol, Langdon thought. Of course. He had forgotten that the seemingly innocuous request of all European hotels to see a passport at check-in was more than a quaint formality--it was the law."
(Just like buckling up when you drive your car! ;) )

"My French stinks, Langdon thought, but my zodiac iconography is pretty good. Taurus was always the bull. Astrology was a symbolic constant all over the world."
(Gee wiz, Mr. Langdon, you sure are smart!)

At this rate, I may never finish the book for all the notation I'm doing. This stuff really cries out for a Dan Brown/Da Vinci Code BAD WRITING contest. Please, somebody, start one soon.

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