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Monday, February 09, 2004

I didn't feel much obligation to watch the Super Bowl, especially since I could care less about either team in the game. So, I was watching a DVD of The Italian Job a couple of Sundays ago. After the movie, the little lady (who hates football) went to bed, and I felt free to switch over to the game. The 4th quarter was just starting. Wow, that was a helluva quarter of football.

I didn't feel like I missed a thing until I went to work the next day and heard all the hubbub about Janet Jackson's breast! (Can I say "breast," as long as no "nipple" is involved?)

I think the whole prank by Jackson and Timberlake was a childish and stupid play for publicity. But really now, our whole national "outrage" about this is equally childish and stupid. Here I am talking about it now, but don't we have better things to do than go on and on about this? I am especially perturbed to hear that M. Powell, head of the FCC, is going to investigate. Investigate???? What the...!

Did the performance violate some FCC standard? If so, what's to investigate? We all (well those who were watching) saw it. Even if CBS and MTV didn't know beforehand, they are still responsible. Let's just fine everybody and be done with it! Here's my suggested fine schedule:

  • Timberlake: $100,000

  • Jackson: $1,000,000

  • CBS: $5,000,000

  • MTV: $10,000,000

Do we really need the US government to expend untold millions of dollars to investigate this? NO!

Really, it's almost beyond my conprehension that anybody is even offended by the incident. What kind of idiotic prudes are we? I'll bet Europeans watching the game saw an average of one breast per commercial break. The prank was childish but the reaction is equally so. I wish America would grow up.

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