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Friday, August 18, 2006

I was just reading a NY Observer article about how YouTube really alters our relationship with television, making what was once ephemeral into a reusable and reviewable medium more like text. This inspired me to seek out some moments in television that I had actually miss. For example, in the 1980s and 1990s I was a REALLY big Fishbone fan, but not much of a Saturday Night Life viewer (it had runs its course in my opinion). So, I missed Fishbone's "almost famous moment" on SNL. YouTube to the rescue. I can now view it to my heart's content. And I have. It's MUCH better than I even thought it would be. Almost brought tears to my eyes. It's kind of touching moment in Fishbone history as well: promoting their biggest Album (Reality of My Surroundings"), inhabiting their biggest forum, with their best band in tact. A few years later, their guitarist Kendall Jones became disenchanted with the band and joined a religious group (cult to some). Bassist John Fisher tracked Jones down and attempted to abduct him away from the cult.

Jones' guitar playing on the SNL clip for the song "Sunless Saturday" is amazing. It's too bad the band is without his services anymore. In fact, I'm much less of a Fishbone fan now than I was then. Time marches on, but we still have the documents to remind us. Thank you YouTube!

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